Why should you go for trademark registration? – Michael e Weintraub Esq explains

The introduction of company Acts ever since 2013 has made trademark registration significant for businesses. These acts have different provisions depending on the state says Michael e Weintraub Esq. However, they are an inseparable part of the judicial process. With increasing awareness regarding intellectual property and trademarks, more and more individuals register themselves in this provision. If you go by research, you will see that around 75% of individuals have initiated the process of trademark registration.

However, obtaining the registration requires legal handling. Hence, you need the help of legal practitioners in this regard. The multiple benefits of trademark registration are unknown to average business owners. Thus, only a lawyer will help you in evaluating these justifications.

It works like an asset

Trademark registration works like an intangible asset for the business. It adds value to your venture and builds the reputation, says Michael E Weintraub Esq. It will differentiate your products and services from that of the competitors. By attracting new customers making your brand easily identifiable, it will help you to stand apart. It has appeared as a marketing tool for businesses of different sizes. Hence, it is a commitment to reputation, company, integrity, and much more.


All across the globe, registration for a trademark is cheap. Moreover, the cost got reduced so that the process became smooth. After you apply for the registration, you will have to provide your details. The process will not take much time, and you will get the certificate. Michael E Weintraub Esq states that the lawyer will be the best person to guide you in all these stages. From trademark application to getting the certification, all these are specialized areas of the lawyer.

Protect your investment

When dealing with branding and advertisement, you have to protect your investment. In this highly competitive world, these have become practical tools for promoting a business. Businesses spend a vast amount of capital on advertising mediums. It has become an inevitable part of branding, whether radio, newsprint, TV or digital media. In this process, a trademark becomes an effective tool. Hence, you can consult the process with your lawyer before you go for the branding stage.

Incentives and facilities

By applying for trademark registration, you become eligible for incentives and subsidies. The government will provide you with tax incentives and other provisions. Hence, it becomes profitable for you in the long term. All you need to do is get in touch with a lawyer and discuss with them about each stage, states Michael E Weintraub Esq. The negotiation process is the most important one. If you want to preserve your profit long-term, you will have to go for trademark registration.

Lastly, a trademark helps in protecting an individual against unfair practices and competition. It is an effective tool used extensively by entrepreneurs. These days the marketplace is full of copycats. Therefore you must stay legally robust to grow your business. Hence, by using trademark registration, you can protect your venture against unfair competition.

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