The role of covid-19 in draining mental health, as stated by Michael e Weintraub Esq

Mental health issues are common in the present scenario of Covid-19. Ever since the disease started spreading in 2020, it has brought different age groups under its shackles. There has been a disproportionate increase in severe complications, a high rate of mortality, disruption in a routine, and the like. The present mental health condition of millions of individuals is under threat. The increasing level of stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalance are counting on their wellbeing. If you look at the magnitude and scale of the pandemic spread, you will understand growing concerns regarding cognitive health and physical health issues Michael e Weintraub Esq.

Various studies reveal that the older generation is at a higher risk of mental health issues. It is because of their vulnerability to different diseases and health concerns. Survey reports conducted ever since 2020 revealed that 93% of the population is at a higher risk of anxiety disorder. Hence, Michael e Weintraub Esq states that taking care of physical and mental health is vital to deal with depression disorder, anxiety disorder, and OCD.

The severe effect of the pandemic on mental wellbeing

As illustrated earlier, several considerations surround the present experience of individuals. The long-term effect of Covid-19 does not stay restricted to the age group or gender. It has resulted in prolonged anxiety, depression, and grief. Moreover, it also results in short term implication which is hard to diagnose. Despite these problems, every individual is taking steps to keep up with the present situation. Taking care of mental health has been at the top of their priority list. They treat their internal factors, including personality traits, cognitive capacity, stress response, and physical health, with increasing attention.

The initial concern is related to fighting isolation and loneliness. It has exasperated human life in multiple ways. It has negatively influenced individuals from different walks of life. The work from the home regime and online classes has added to mental stress. Certain cross-sectional studies revealed that preventive measures are the only way to avoid unnecessary stress. You can handle Covid-19 related anxiety with the help of social connection. Hence, psychologists and medical practitioners revealed the importance of social media. Michael e Weintraub esq indeed believes people proactively engage in meaningful relations. It adds to their mental relief and maintains their connection.

The way ahead

On the other hand, human beings have to take care of additional factors like wisdom, personality traits, pro-social behavior, and compassion. Only then will they be able to regulate their emotions and develop their ability of self-reflection and decisiveness. On the other hand, studies demonstrate that there is a connection between wisdom and loneliness. It has a basis on multiple skills that measure these constructs. For dealing with anxiety and depression, Michael e Weintraub Esq says that people have to enter into a passionate relationship and speak about their mental health. Only by way of moderating and mediating relationships can you take care of these factors.

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