The interrelationship between mental health and screen time as propounded by Michael e Weintraub Esq

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of human life. Almost everything is possible with the assistance of this device. From watching favorite movies to reading newspapers to buying outfits, you can hardly imagine yourself without your device. You may also take care of your registration for courses, booking vacations, applying for jobs, and scheduling doctor’s appointments with the click of a button. With the help of technology, it has become easy for people to connect with others. By way of text messages, emails, video chats, and phone calls, it has become very convenient Michael e Weintraub Esq.

Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has made people dependent on this device. When you are trying to kill time, you have no other alternative but your smartphone. These days’ people use multiple devices like laptops, tablets, AI devices, and smart TVs. The only purpose is to keep yourself engaged. However, do you know that screen time severely affects mental health? Yes, you heard it right. When you constantly access the screen, it hurts mental health. It adds to the anxiety and stress level and is thereby a leading source of concern.

The impact of screen time on teenagers and kids

Screens and technology have hit the market with renewed energy. It has become a part of children’s life. Research reveals that screen time affects the communication skill and language acquisition capacity of children. Michael e Weintraub Esq says digital devices have become an inseparable part of daily life with the onset of the pandemic. Online classes get conducted online, and the increase in social interaction has led to severe implications for their wellbeing. Interpersonal skills dominate the transformation of children into young adults.

Establishing a robust and healthy relationship with other individuals has a lot to do with communication skills. However, the increasing use of smartphones has left children with social interaction and virtual discussions.

Do you know that the screen affects sleep?

Most individuals these days have the habit of keeping their smartphones beside their pillows when they go to sleep. Reading articles, browsing virtual media, watching TV shows, and going on till late at night. Research reveals a relationship between the decrease in sleep duration and quality and increased screen time. The problem is profound among adolescents and children, as stated by Michael e Weintraub Esq. These individuals use their smartphones when they study, before bed, in bedrooms, and the like. Hence, it has worsening implications on mental health conditions, which leads to an increase in anxiety and depression.

Thus, the practice of sleep hygiene has become fundamental for dealing with the issue. Using technology for connecting with friends and family members has become the need of the hour. However, you must be mindful enough to figure out your use of smart devices. Since screen time affects mental health, Michael e Weintraub Esq believes you have to cut down on the hours. Technology has various powerful implications, but continued access to them may be detrimental to your health. All you require is to schedule your day to drag the positive effect of technology and curtail the negative implication.

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