The best way of fighting suicidal tendencies for improving mental health during Covid-19, as illustrated by Michael e Weintraub esq

The ongoing social distancing norms and also quarantine regulations have inevitably impacted human life. It has brought about unprecedented turmoil backed by different reports. There are plenty of resources that will establish the moderate and severe effect of COVID-19 on human health. The implication it has on mental wellbeing is far-reaching. From anxiety to stress to depression, Michael e Weintraub esq states, it has become a common issue. Also, there has been a surge in the number of suicidal cases these days. The frightening and distressing situation all across is the reason behind such developments. Although it is natural to feel isolated and lonely during the lockdown episodes, you have no other way but to deal with it. Remember that you are not alone in these trying situations. It is a collective scenario faced by every individual.

A detailed analysis of the current situation to stabilize mental health – Michael e Weintraub esq

Every individual is facing a crisis, and they are new to these experiences. However, how you feel and how you handle the situation says a lot about your mental state. Anxiety, panic, guilt, anger, and fear are common in these times. However, suicidal thoughts are an extreme situation. When you feel that you cannot deal with these feelings, the time is to contact medical practitioners. With the help of psychiatrists and counselors, you may respond to these stressful situations.

According to Michael e Weintraub esq, every individual has unique cognition. Hence, the way you react to a problem might be different from another individual. Under stress and anxiety, it is very natural for individuals to lose control. However, suicidal tendencies are not typical.

What to do when you feel low?

Primarily you have to recognize that you have stress and anxiety. You may take the help of the Internet to understand the symptoms and signs of cognitive issues. Try to seek practical advice about methods that will help you manage the problem. What you are feeling is the main point over here. You may speak with trained cognitive health professionals and health line volunteers, who may provide you with reliable support. Self-blame is never an option. You have to understand the underlying cause of the issue. Apart from this, you may grab help from your friends and family members. Remember that social support has no alternative. Share your dilemmas with someone you can count on. When you open up about your issues, you release yourself off stress.

Apart from this, when you are seeking professional support, you may consider different therapy sessions. These days telehealth consultation has become the trend and also you may use these sessions by messages or emails or even video chats to get some help. Even private counselors may provide you with one-to-one counseling sessions, as stated by Michael e Weintraub esq. However, you must select one of these only after consulting with your doctor. They are the best individuals who can provide you with an effective therapy option.

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