Signals that your child needs additional mental health support during the Covid 19 pandemic as mentioned by Michael e Weintraub esq

Everything about Covid 19 pandemic is uncertain. Fear, stress, isolation, and grief, the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. While each one is trying their best to cope, teens and children are having a tough time. Covid 19 vaccination is a hope that the pandemic will end soon. But the hardships and losses will continue to affect families. Your child needs additional help and care, be very careful and watch out for signs to see their struggle. Try to talk to your child about their feelings. Hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and also anger are some signs that require support during these times. Adolescents try hiding a lot of their struggles due to the shame of embarrassment. Every child shows different symptoms for the mental health struggles that they are going through. However, these are a few common symptoms penned down by Michael e Weintraub esq that you can lookout.

In young children, toddlers, and infants, lookout for the signs

Sometimes, they can show regression in developmental milestones.

Irritability or fussiness with more crying and difficulty to calm down.

Waking up more in the night and tired in the day.

Issues with feeding like constipation, reflex, frantic nipping, stomach pain, etc.

Seeming to be clingier and having separation anxiety.

Biting or throwing intense trauma tantrums.

Bedwetting even after they are potty trained.

If they are unable to feel satisfied when expressing urgent needs.

In adolescents and older children, the signs are different, says Michael e Weintraub esq.

Symptoms of the stress can be –

Mood swings that are not Common with frequent conflicts and rage

Change in behavior and showing less interest in socializing

hard time falling asleep.

Change in weight patterns, eating habits, or appetite.

Issues with concentration, thinking, and memory.

If you notice an increase in reckless behavior, become alert.

Talk to your pediatrician – Michael e Weintraub esq  

Pediatricians understand that during these times of the pandemic, your child needs extra care. Be it emotional or social health, staying in touch with the pediatrician can help you understand and also overcome the struggles during the pandemic.

Try to support your child

Based on the guidance given by your pediatrician, help your child to build resilience. Children learn and also adapt to new things. In times of uncertainty, these are challenges that they will learn to adapt to if guided, says Michael e Weintraub esq. Direct conversations with them will help create a bond, instill in their security and also help them overcome the fear.

As a parent, learn to take care of yourself first – Michael e Weintraub esq  

Children learn whatever they see. If they are seeing that their parents are struggling, they would also be stressed. If you take proper care and also show them ways to deal with the uncertainty by building your coping skills, they would be connected and relax. Spend more time together and also having a good enjoyable family time.

Suicide risks have increased in adolescents, and also it is critical to take care of them in these times. The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for each one. Since children are susceptible to slight changes, this can harm them if you do not show them enough love and also care.

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