Pointers for managing anxiety and stress during COVID-19 as propounded by Michael e Weintraub esq

The coronavirus pandemic not only affects physical health but mental wellbeing at the same time. It leads to mental strain and anxiety. Since people are living with depression and anxiety, it has a harsh impact on their cognitive functioning. If you seize a look at reports, you will understand that anxiety and depression have seen an unprecedented surge ever since 2020. Survey reports reveal that depression or anxiety has increased by nearly 63%. Living through these stressful situations like the family upheaval, financial insecurity, loss, trauma, and the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered worse symptoms of anxiety and depression. To manage these tremors, Michael e Weintraub esq states that you have to develop healthy lifestyle habits and pay attention to your nourishment and exercise.

Tips for developing healthy life-enhancing habits during COVID-19

First and foremost, you have to approve that stress and depression are not only a part of your life but of the lives of millions out there. Therefore, managing mental health has become the need of the hour. With the help of healthy snacks, nutritional alternatives, and regular exercise, you can improve your immune system and get renewed energy. Hence, you must pay attention to the following junctures:

•    Getting good sleep

In these trying times, the first thing you have to pay attention to is getting sound sleep. Try to limit your alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine intake to relax your senses. According to Michael e Weintraub esq, you must spend time listening to music and reading storybooks. It helps to calm your brain and get you some sleep.

•    Work on your routine

Try making a routine that includes your exercise time, sleep, and work. When you stick to this routine, you hardly have any time for useless thoughts. In addition, studies reveal that when you work on a schedule during stressful and traumatic times, it helps you cope with the situation better.

•    Practicing mindfulness and gratefulness

These are challenging times. Hence, you have to find out ways to cope with it. By being grateful to yourself as well as to others, you develop a positive approach. Try diverting your attention to favorable situations so that you give a boost to good hormones. Dopamine and serotonin are hormones responsible for good mental health. By practicing meditation and yoga, you can deal with anxiety, stress, and depression.

•    Social support

You must seek social support from your friends and family members. Research reveals that getting support helps in improving anxiety and depression symptoms. In these times of social distancing norms, staying connected via social media outlets is crucial. According to Michael e Weintraub esq, it will give you mental support that someone is concerned about you. In addition, since it creates a community feeling, it will help you fight anxiety and depression.

It would help if you connected with health care professionals virtually. You can utilize teletherapy and telemedicine programs to receive treatment and therapies from health professionals. These therapies are effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Lastly, using telemedicine service has become a new trend. Try getting the best advantage possible from medical practitioners worldwide.

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