How to Use Your Credit Cards Sensibly – Smart Personal Finance Tips by Michael E Weintraub Esq

Michael E Weintraub Esq carrying a credit card is very useful. Because you are no longer dependent on using cash in your wallet. Not only can you purchase at will but also get rewarded. If you are using a cash-back or a travel rewards card. However, by using your card too freely, there is the danger that you will spend far more than what you can repay. Credit cards also make it difficult for you to stick to your budget because of the constant temptation. To throw caution to the winds and seek instant gratification by purchasing something even when you cannot afford it. Michael E Weintraub esq suggests some effective methods of keeping your credit card spends under control:

Use Your Credit Card Only for Your Monthly Budget Expenses

Using your credit card without a concrete plan is not a good idea because it is easy to overspend. To stay on track, first, make your monthly budget and then use your card to pay for the expenses. You have provided for in the budget, like groceries, gas, utilities, etc. Used strategically, you can get handsome reward points or cash-back on your card spends. However, it is important not to get carried away and start using your card. For non-budgeted expenses.

Pay Your Card Bills More Frequently, Advises Michael E Weintraub esq

If you make it a practice to pay your credit card bills not just once. By the due date but perhaps once a week or even two times a month. You can keep your total dues from getting out of hand. With the balance outstanding on your card being smaller, your credit utilization ratio. Will also be less than what it would have been if you had paid just once a month. Having a lower credit utilization ratio helps to boost your credit score, making future access to credit easier. You can set up standing instructions with your bank to pay the card at your desired intervals. So that you don’t have to keep doing it manually, recommends Michael E Weintraub esq.

Michael E Weintraub Esq Keep a Close Watch on Your Card Transactions

By keeping a record of the amounts charged to your credit card. You will not receive a shock when you receive your monthly statement. Also, by tracking your expenses closely, you will ensure that you do not end up exceeding your monthly budget. You will immediately know if you have gone overboard and can curtail your spending. To be able to get back on track. Also, by monitoring your card spends closely for someone else’s transaction.


By using your credit card just like you would use cash, you will be able to keep your tendency to indulge yourself with a fancy gadget or an expensive dinner out with friends. By restraining yourself and using it to pay only for planned expenses as well as making it a point to pay off the balance in full, you will be able to prevent yourself from getting bogged down in debt. Rolling over card balance is a very expensive way of financing your lifestyle.

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