How to curb the pandemic stress and worry? Michael e Weintraub Esq shares wellness guidelines

Have you been more stressed and nervous recently than you should? If yes, then it’s not just you. The pandemic outbreak has made most people fret and worry about the future. The death and virus contamination rates have made people anxious than ever. The vaccination drive had brought in some solace, but the news of the new virus strain brought back the same apprehension and fear that people felt during the first half of 2020. Hence, currently, the world is healing from both the pandemic and the pandemic stress. Addressing and remedying pandemic stress is essential. Else, it can have a toll on the mind and the body. One of the best ways to move beyond stress and anxiety is to practice the useful wellness guidelines by Michael e Weintraub Esq.

1. Lessen the news time

If you open the television, most news channels will relay stories about the pandemic and its consequences in various parts of the world. Hence, if you continually listen to the news updates, you will start to think about negative thoughts and ideas. No one wants to reside forever in fear. It’s a good practice to reduce the news time as much as possible. It is essential to stay tuned to the important updates, but you shouldn’t get obsessed with them. You might want to replace the news updates with a light-hearted television show or a movie that helps you let go of your stress.

2. Practice creative visualization

According to Michael e Weintraub Esq, it is one of the best ways to combat stress and anxiety! The thoughts in our minds dictate our reality. Hence, it is essential to take control of our minds and use it productively. One of the best ways to lessen fear and anxiety is to guide the mind to think of specific imageries and feelings. For instance, if you are feeling uncertain, you might want to try out creative visualization.

You need to sit in a place where there is no distraction and think of a pink bubble around you that keeps you secure and happy. You can invoke feelings of joy, bliss, and happiness and keep saying in your mind, “I am happy. I am safe”. The mind will pick up the clue from your visualization and feeling, and it will approximate that. With practice, you can use creative visualization anytime to move out from fear or any limited thoughts.

3. Read inspiring books

Reading books is a good habit for anyone! However, if you want to curb down your stress levels, you can start reading inspiring books. Michael e Weintraub Esq says that there are various books on Buddhism and transcendental meditation that will help you shift your focus. Inspiring books present innovative ways to combat anxiety and limited thinking patterns. It’s a good practice to read before going to sleep or any other time you deem fit.

Stress and worry during the pandemic can make you restless all the time. Hence, it’s a good habit to follow the wellness guidelines by Michael e Weintraub Esq and remain stress-free.

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