How to Be a Smart Investor – A Compilation of Useful Tips to Keep in Mind by Michael E Weintraub Esq

Everyone wants to be a successful investor; however, many end up disappointed and disillusioned since they do not know the proper process of investing. Successful investing, according to experts, depends on your understanding of what do to as well as what not to do. However, because people are very often lead by their emotions rather than logic. They end up taking wrong decisions and suffering reverses. According to Michael E Weintraub esq, by developing and adhering. To some practical rules of investing, investors can make achieve their goals in a far better way. A brief look-in:

Try to Never Lose Money 

If you want your investment portfolio to be successful, you must insist that you should never lose money. What you must do to not lose money is to focus on the downsides of the investment. Rather than getting enamored with the investment’s potential for profits. It is a matter of your analyzing the risk properly; if the potential gains are not significantly more than that risk, it is better to stay from the investment.

Invest in the Business, Not the Stock, Advises Michael E Weintraub esq

Even though when you buy stocks, you are buying a share of the company. Most people think, not as an owner of the business. But more like a short-term trader of stocks. It is important to remember unless the business does well consistently; the value of the stocks is not going to increase. If you are investing, not gambling on the fortunes of the company. You should make a comprehensive analysis of the fundamentals of the business, the strength, and vision of the management. And its financial and competitive position, recommends Michael E Weintraub esq.

Buy When the Market Is Falling 

It is like stock markets to rise and fall periodically. Since many investors have no clue about the fundamentals of investing or the strength of the company. They start selling off when the market sentiment turns bad, driving the prices down even more. This scenario of falling market prices is the perfect opportunity for long-term investors to build their portfolios. Similarly, you should resist the temptation to buy in a rising market as the opportunities for making profits are lower.

Michael E Weintraub Esq Keep Investing Consistently

Investors need to nurture the habit of saving consistently, even in bad times. By putting away money in investments that you cannot access immediately. You will learn to live within your means, even as you are building up a corpus in your investment portfolio over time. Using the 401(k) to build your wealth is ideal as the money is deducted automatically. From your salary and invested without needing any intervention by you. You can add value to the process by carefully selecting your 401(k) investments.


Make sure that you have firmed up your investment objectives before you actually start investing. By doing so, you will be able to measure your success and tweak your investment strategy so that you can fulfill those goals. Make it a point to follow a consistent investment strategy without either chasing windfall opportunities or panicking when the stock markets plummet.

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