How parents can take care of their children’s mental health during COVID-19 as stated by Michael e Weintraub Esq

COVID-19 or coronavirus disease has affected young people as well as an adult. The impact has been indirect as well as direct. It is not only to do with sickness and recovery. The mental, emotional and social impact it has is unprecedented. The trauma faced by children at their developmental stage contributes to their mental state. Several studies show that the change in the routine, disruption in the continuity of the teaching-learning process, and break in the healthcare schedule have contributed to mental stress and anxiety Michael e Weintraub Esq.

Children are finding it difficult to match up with this new normal, states Michael e Weintraub Esq. They have lost their sense of protection and security, and they are constantly under the threat of uncertainty and physical illness. Apart from this, online teaching has affected their cognition to another level. Although it is optimistic to some extent, you cannot avoid the farsighted impact of digital life.

Challenges youngsters are facing and the way they are coping up with it

If you take a look at adolescent kids, the spread of COVID-19 has affected them directly. These adolescents are emotionally, socially, and mentally stressed. They are at their developmental stage and are bearing the long-term consequences of COVID-19. The change in the routine has added to their mental fatigue. Apart from this, social or physical distancing has become a tool for reducing the curve. It has exposed individuals to a lonely and isolated life. The new normal is not accepted by everybody equally. The physical distance they got exposed from their girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, and family members are striking them. They are struggling with the change in social routine.

Apart from this, the continuity which they had in their learning process has undergone alterations. With the closure of schools, they are now practicing distance learning. Online communities and platforms have now become a part of life. Hence, families are turning to digital media to support their child’s education. The virtual learning experience, Michael e Weintraub Esq believes, has exposed inequality in access, resources, and connectivity. It has impeded the developmental process of the youth, which has affected their vocational skills, psychological health, and physical activity.

Impact on healthcare

Parents are also under a lot of anxiety when taking care of their adolescents. It is becoming difficult for them to handle the insecurity of COVID-19 and the routine. With immunization, child care visits, oral health management has drastically impacted the lives of parents and their children.

Nowadays, Michael e Weintraub Esq believes speech therapy, mental health care, and health services are very much in trend. It has become a vital step for receiving continuous healthcare, whether in counseling sessions, therapy sessions, speech therapy, and the like.

However, The physical distance in norm has become the need of the hour. Hence, people have to develop their mental outlook so that they can cope up with the situation. You have to experience a new life amid COVID19. Staying at home, limiting social gatherings, taking care of social distancing will take care of your health as well as social wellbeing.

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