Expert advice from Michael e Weintraub Esq for managing post – COVID mental stress

The covid-19 pandemic has brought about a stream of emotional, physical, and psychological havoc. Besides the increasing death toll, the pandemic has also led to economic downfall worldwide. It has triggered multiple mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, says Michael e Weintraub Esq.

Some stress-related disorders are severe, leaving the person traumatized. People contracting coronavirus are undergoing post-traumatic stress, and most of them are suffering from potential death. The trauma due to the loss of loved ones increases the risk of stress disorders among individuals.

Implications of the pandemic

The impact of the covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold all over the globe. Here are a few common reactions that majority of the people are experiencing as a result of the menacing virus

• Uncontrollable negative thoughts

• Overwhelming feelings of anxiety and stress

Agitation due to feeling of helplessness & Sleep disorders

• Loneliness and melancholic thoughts

• Fear and apprehension while visiting public places

It is natural for people to experience wide-ranging emotions and reactions. Most of them have lost their loved ones and suffered the consequences of the pandemic. The challenge of the pandemic has rapidly changed the way people live their lives. However, it is essential to comprehend the seriousness of the global pandemic. Feelings of fear and apprehension will only add to the present problem. During such a public health challenge, you must remember to take care of yourself, thereby reducing stress and radiating positivity amidst such a global crisis, says Michael e Weintraub Esq.

Exposure to stress

Some people report physical symptoms such as lethargy, insomnia, and headache. Many patients contracting covid-19 are experiencing severe neurological symptoms after treatment. Some medical practitioners believe that the majority of the population suffers from different levels of trauma, a few of which are even suicidal.

Practical measures to help the affected individuals

Majority of medical caregivers working in the frontline outside of the virus advise several measures to overcome acute stress disorder. Individuals must undertake practical measures such as frequent washing of hands and decontamination of the workspace. To keep your loved ones safe, you must acknowledge the significance of self-care. It is also essential to get access to child care during such a stressful time.

People contracting the covid-19 disease should seek immediate help and get access to counseling and therapy along with regular medications. Another significant area the majority of people need to combat is isolation and feelings of anxiety. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself active and develop a hobby, thereby maintain physical and psychological health simultaneously.

Protect yourself from post-traumatic stress

Some of the effective strategies to cope with post-COVID trauma and upkeep your physical and psychological health are as follows

  • Channelize your emotions into something creative– it is necessary to acknowledge and express your feelings during such a significant challenge. They can express themselves by writing down their feelings through painting or drawing.
  • Maintain a healthy routine– to radiate positivity during such trying times; it is essential to maintain a healthy diet and sleep. You must also engage in physical activity and pass leisure time into something enjoyable.
  • Surround yourself with supportive people- providing care to others and receiving the same in return help individuals to cope with any challenge, says Michael e Weintraub esq.

Therefore, it is essential to surround yourself with supportive people, thereby achieving a sense of comfort and positivity.

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