Essential practices for businesses during the pandemic – Michael e Weintraub Esq shares useful guidelines

The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives! No one could think that a virus attack in 2020 will bring life to such a stand-still. The constant news updates about the contamination and death rates were depressing. It was heartbreaking to see that families were losing their loved ones. That is not all! The economy took a massive hit because of the pandemic outbreak. Offices were shut-down, and people had to start working from home. Many people had lost their jobs, while others had to undergo salary deductions. The current business ambiance should respond to the pandemic outbreak and also operate. For this, businesses need to follow the practices mentioned by Michael e Weintraub Esq.

1. Sanitize the office premises

Currently, most people are working from home! Even then, the office manager needs to keep the business premises clean and clear from any virus or bacterial. It is necessary to sanitize the office premises and cabinets regularly. Will keep the office spotless so that people walk-in when required for work safely. It is necessary to secure the business environment. 

2. Employees should work in rotation

The situation is gradually improving with the vaccination drive! People are progressively venturing out and have started to go to their respective offices and business places. However, businesses need to maintain ample safety while calling people to the office. It’s good practice to call employees on a rotation basis and have space between the seating arrangements. The HR team needs to balance the work between people attending the office and those working from home. It will enable everyone to attend office in turns.

3. Use the online meetings apps and tools.

It is an excellent practice to resort to online meetings and video conferencing than scheduling face-to-face meetings. At times, you have to arrange specific business development meetings. But in other situations, Michael e Weintraub Esq says that you can curb down business travel by opting for online meetings and video conferencing. The new-age apps are advanced, and they can record all the required meeting details. It provides sound and picture clarity and adds value to your online meetings. It is a smart decision to curb down business travel until it is necessary.

4. Weekly work reports

Organizations must keep a tab of the work that gets done by the employees. Work from home shouldn’t hinder an employee’s productivity. Hence, it is necessary to have a weekly work report that every employee needs to fill in at the end of the week. It will help the management to check the work that got accomplished by every employee.

5. Weekly conversations

Working from home might get monotonous for many people. Hence, it’s a good practice to arrange for a weekly conversation to break the monotony. It will help the employees talk with others and also get back to their work with the required zest.

It is essential to carry on work despite the pandemic situation. The guidelines by Michael e Weintraub Esq will help businesses to carry on work seamlessly.

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